Monthly Archives: April 2016



Naked truth
How it hurts
How it pierces my heart
Inflicting little but deep wounds

How I tried to ignore the obvious
How I tried to cover it with beauty
Just to forget the pain
Just to believe a “make belief”

To listen to my truth
To believe in “my truth”
Yet make me ask
What is “your truth?”

I am in pain
Tears just fall in my eyes
Heart squeezed tightly
Asphyxiated by the pain

Balance hardly maintained
Shaken with every blows you made
Would I fall and crumble into ruins?
Left broken and discarded?

© Thy Hephzibah


Remain Unsaid


What am I really in your life?

A question that is always recurring in my mind.
Not that I do not have a complete trust with your words,
Not that I doubt the sincerity of your heart,
Not that I find you not fulfilling my needs, wants, desires.
But because I wanted to know what part of your life I am.

Am I part of a greater whole, or am I just a portion of you?
I ask because I have expectations,
I ask because I wanted to know how I should act,
I ask because I wanted to know if I am being too much,
I ask because I wanted to know until where I can cross.

I wanted to touch you as much
But refrain for the fear that you will reject me,
Would you allow me to touch you?
Would you allow me to take a hold of your soul?

Would you open to me your truest desires?
Your doubts? Your fears? Your bliss?
Would you allow me to share your world?
Would you allow me to be the partner for your life?

Questions that I kept within me;
Questions that I might not be able to utter;
Questions that would probably left unanswered;
As I kept it all inside of me.

© Thy Hephzibah 2016

You and Only You


Oh sweet love
Promises are what we have
Far-fetched as it may
Stronger is what it makes us

Thinner as it becomes
Every day of our lives
Even when we are far apart
I hope, until then, we stand firm

Every waking hour of the day
I pray for the time we will meet
From opposite poles of the earth
A day to celebrate, it will be.

A time to hold each others hand;
A time to spend a day with each other;
A time to just be lost in the conversation;
Both of us isolated in our own created world.

A time that I will be lost in your gaze;
A time that I will be absorbed in your voice;
A time that my focus will be you alone.
You alone, my love. You and only you.

© Thy Hephzibah 2016

Isang Pagtatapat


Tanggap ko na mahal ko
Hanggang dito na lang tayo
Subukin ko man na ako’y maging sa iyo
Alam kong kailan ma’y hindi ito magkakatotoo
Hindi dahil sa ako’y nag-iisip ng negatibo
Bagkus, sa pakiramdam ko’y hindi ako ang para sa iyo
Alam at ramdam ko na kahit pinaparamdam mong espesyal ako
May mga bagay na alam kong hindi ko kayang ibigay sa iyo
Madalas mahal ko, nais kong ako lamang ang gustuhin mo
Na ako ang pipiliin mo sa lahat ng mga nakilalala mo;
Na ako ang itatangi mo sa lahat ng mga kaibigan mo;
Na ako ang lang ang maging mundo mo.
Nakakatawa mang isipin ngunit ito ang laman at katotohanan ng puso ko.
Isang pangarap na sa hinaharap ay inaasam-asam ko.
Ikaw lang ang tanging nagparamdam nito.
Alam kong sa piling mo’y lalago ako.
Alam kong sa piling mo magiging totoo ako.
‘Pagkat alam kong ako’y tanggap mo nang buong-buo
Walang pag-iimbot at panloloko.
Sana nga’y ikaw na nga ang magpapatotoo
Sa mga pangarap na inaasam-asam ko.
Na sa Panginoon ay dalangin ko.
Sa bawat oras ng buhay ko.
Mahal ko, tanging hiling ko lang ay pareho tayo
Na sa mundong ito, ikaw na nga ang kahahantungan ko;
Na ang Poong Maykapal ang nagbigay sa iyo
Upang sa buhay ko’y maging kasanga at katototo
Maging katuwang sa habang buhay ko.

© Thy Hephzibah

You Now Own My Heart


I started wandering as you let me explore this world
I read and write. I ask and respond.
I feed my hungry mind with all the knowledge I can consume.
I listen to all the stories I can take a hold of; voluntarily shared to me.
I am happy.

By this freedom that you have bequeathed upon me
I know I will learn. I know I will make mistakes.
I know that I will be hurt. I know I will feel pain.
But aren’t these worth it?
For by then, I know I have gained wisdom and experience.

But each passing day, I started to feel empty still.
Despite this vast ideas, despite these varied experiences,
I am still unsatisfied. My thirst is still not quenched.
And I started reflecting why.
Then, I understand.

My life is not entirely about language; my life is not entirely about politics,
My life is not entirely about adventures; my life is not entirely about science,
My life is not entirely about a single field.
My life is not all about what’s in my mind but also what’s in my heart.
And that’s where I would discover soon enough.

My mind can go miles away, but my heart will always stay
To you I already surrender my heart, for I know you deserved it.
You earned it with every word you have said.
You earned it with every act you have shown.
You now own my heart.



Let me bask in the rays of your sunlight
Let me feel your warmth beneath my skin
Let me witness your glowing face
To behold your beauty, oh it is so divine.

Bring me into desert
Isolate me with your love
Whisper in my ears your loving voice
Caress me with your soft tingling breeze.

Bathe me at night with your moonlight
Show me the serenity of your face
Entrance me with your jewels shining above the vast sky
Talk to me with your sweet melodious voice
And dear me ecstasy is my response.

© Thy Hephzibah